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What is HeartSafe Communities?

Maine HeartSafe Communities
is a collaboration between the Maine Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) and The Maine Cardiovascular Health Council (MCHC). HeartSafe Communities strives to improve state-wide cardiovascular health and disease outcomes through several program objectives, including: improved emergency response for cardiovascular events, community cardiovascular education (symptom recognition, call 911, CVD risk factors and prevention), increased community CPR/AED training, and increased placement of public AEDs. As of November 2017, there are 89 individual EMS services designated, covering over 300 communities, and more than 1,041,542 Maine residents! Thank you for your interest in joining state-wide partners to improve cardiovascular health in Maine!

If you have already registered, please enter your username and password below. If you are new to the system and would like to get started on your HeartSafe designation, click on "Create an account" to establish your unique user id, and then use the worksheets to tell us about the communities that you serve and highlight all of the great work that you are doing. We look forward to working with you and to recognizing the excellent efforts that you are making to improve cardiovascular health in Maine!

For a map of designated services and communities, and to view the resources that are available to you as a designee, please click here.



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